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Disadvantages of solar street lights

Here are several cons to solar street lights.

  1. Higher initial investment
    Their up-front costs are higher than in the case of conventional lighting. For this reason, most people are kept from switching to this system.
  2. Easily stolen
    Given the absence of wires, solar-powered public lights are more sensitive to being stolen. Besides, they are also more expensive than regular street lighting, boosting the chance for theft.
  3. Accumulation of snow or dust on horizontal PV-panels
    If no maintenance is given to the system during extreme weather conditions, energy production lowers or completely stops.

In this case, snow, dust or moisture accumulation leads to panel cell damage or lifespan shortening. Read our guide on the lifespan of solar panels.

  1. Batteries replacement
    Just like any other battery, solar-powered street system batteries must be replaced a few times during the panel’s lifetime.

This adds up to the total lifetime cost of the system. Read this guide about solar panel batteries.

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